E Dubs is Finally Getting Some Love From the Press

Oh, look, a woman!

Why is this good? Because acknowledging sexism exists has to happen before we can fix it, no?

Warren was a brilliant candidate who would have made a great president. The problem? She’s a woman—and she isn’t “perfect.”

Sexism Sank Elizabeth Warren By Elie Mystal in the Nation.

Flipping the Script with Kate McKinnon (with context from Billboard, because context is everything.)

SNL Cold Open – The Ingraham Angle (This is the skit, we’d never actually link to the Ingraham Angle. )

An interview that will both uplift and depress about the difficulty of running for office while female. We are also her stripe. 

And I may have drunk Bailey’s out of our Billionaire Tears Mug on March 5, just saying. I didn’t even wash it before using it, because I know Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t send me a dirty mug. You should get one.

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