Well at least 2020 is almost over.

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Well at least 2020 is almost over. And I still haven’t written my 2020: Choose Your Own Disaster book, but I haven’t given up on it. President Elect Biden announces his communications team. Not a Y chromosome in sight. Thinking of RGB and “When there are nine,” today. Instead of sharing a news article on this, I thought I would link to some unintentional satire first. Hilarious. Are they

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WTF: August 12, 2020

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Harris, Kamala (Comma-la) Harris. After what seems like decades in pandemic time the decision has been made and announced. Kamala (comma-la) Harris has been selected as Joe Biden’s running mate. And with the decision, Trump cries havoc and lets slip the dogs of racism and misogyny. (That’s funny, cause it indicates that he was holding back before. He wasn’t. Those dogs run his life.) Reading through some of the

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Chin Up, Tits Out

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Nevertheless They Persisted The search for Biden’s Veep rolls on… Washington Post: Democrats are trying to unseat a bully. They need to stop using a bully’s tactics to do so. But right now it resembles a prickly reality show where the women who might make history must first walk head high through a rain of fists from aging men “critiquing” their talents by speaking sideways to the dudes in

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Today is Saturday.

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Read this. It is beautiful. The Paris Review: Fuck the Bread. The Bread is Over. “I have no real job,” I say. “Of course you have a real job,” she says. “I have no flour,” I say. “Fuck the bread,” says my mother again. “The bread is over.” And maybe the bread, as I’ve always understood it, really is over. The new world order is rearranging itself on the

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WTF: April 25, 2020

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Good Stuff Saturday Washington Post: They lived in a factory for 28 days to make millions of pounds of raw PPE materials to help fight coronavirus Factory employees move into factory to produce materials for PPE. This is what America can be and a hopeful light in the current darkness. “In what they called a “live-in” at the factory, the undertaking was just one example of the endless ways

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WTF: April 18, 2020

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It was a weird week — people sporting “ironic swastikas” and illustrating the concept of hedging by carrying a sign saying that COVID-19 is a lie while wearing a full hazmat suit and goggles. So here is some well deserved good and funny. I included a TikTok so the millennials in my quarantine stop calling me boomer. Just so we’re all clear since there’s a lot of disagreement about

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Small things that delighted us today.

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An impressive impression of a very unimpressive unperson. God only brought one guy back from the dead on Easter. Trump is here to bring back the whole economy on Easter 2020. Enjoy this clip (possibly, like, the best ever), share and be sure to subscribe to Making Podcasts Great Again (@TrumpPod) – new every week! — J-L Cauvin (@JLCauvin) March 24, 2020 I know it’s pretty cranky, but

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E Dubs is Finally Getting Some Love From the Press

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Oh, look, a woman!

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Rep. Katie Porter: The Whiteboard Hero We Need Now

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Holding the powerful to account with a whiteboard & a dry erase marker.

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Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison. His attorney says it is too harsh and he will die in prison. Ok.

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