McConnell — who wouldn’t bring the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice to the floor within a year of an election works to finish making America a hell for anyone not a white man.

I guess the point is, there is no floor. He has no shame. He tells no truth. He is pox on our house (or Senate as they case may be) and he must be removed.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has come under fire in recent days amid the coronavirus outbreak, as the Kentucky lawmaker sent Senators home for a long weekend rather than work to pass the coronavirus relief package being negotiated between the House and White House. But while McConnell may have been willing to take a more relaxed approach to the global pandemic that’s shuttering cities across the U.S. and putting millions of Americans at risk, the Senate Majority Leader is still being proactive when it comes to one thing: keeping the judiciary system as conservative as possible. McConnell has made confirming federal judges his number one priority during Donald Trump’s presidency, confirming nearly 200 federal judges as of February. And with the number of vacant spots dwindling, McConnell is now taking a new approach to ensuring Trump’s potential Democratic successor won’t have much room to appoint judges of their own.

From Vanity Fair, Mitch McConnell Pressures Judgest to Retire so Donald Trump can Appoint Their Replacements, 3.17.20

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