Not even Olivia Pope could handle this cluster of scandals, incompetence, depravity, and insanity.

When it's all said and done, we will look back and we will be horrified.

For three and a half years I have struggled with the embarassment of being an American in the age of Donald Trump. There are people I know and some I like who support him to this day. I'm not in a place right now where I can tolerate willful ignorance of the reality of what is going on in this country and the ridiculous tribalism that has led to the current GOP/Trump death cult.

This administration has met every challenge, each inflection point in this crisis with bumbling incompetence & incoherent policy sprinkled liberally with pure evil. Trump is turning us into Panem, and Pence would like to rebuild in the image of Gilead. They need to go.

SCANDAL 1: The administration ignored the intelligence and for two months did nothing. Trump has long preferred to get his intel from other leaders, particularly those of adversaries, who have, you know, an agenda, rather than the US intel community which also has an agenda - which is a bit more in line with the interests of the nation.

SCANDAL 2: Insider trading by two Republican Senators on the Intelligence Committee. After receiving intelligence briefings warning of the impending catastrophe, Sen Richard Burr (R-NC) Sen Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) didn't go to the president to beg him to take it seriously and start to prepare, they called their brokers and dumped millions in stock before the market crashed. Interestingly, Loeffler's husband, chair of the NYSE also dumped a great deal of stock. And Burr may have given a preview of his strategy to some high dollar donors.

SCANDAL 3: Testing, testing, testing. There still has not been a reasonable explanation of why the World Health Organization tests were refused. Or why it took so long, and there were such delays getting tests out. The inability to identify those who were infected and quarantine them early will be the biggest contributor to the massive size of the outbreak in the United States. My bet: There was money to be made by a Trump, a Trump associate or someone in his orbit and more people will die because of that.

SCANDAL 4: President Business has us bidding against ourselves. States competing for scarce supplies getting outbid by the federal government or each other is more expensive for everyone. Maybe he thinks everyone stiffs vendors like he does? Or maybe this is why he's gone bankrupt with such regularity.

More to come. It's probably just a matter of hours.


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