We are all Rand Paul’s Neighbor Now. UPDATE

UPDATE: It's even worse than we thought.

Now it's been revealed that not only did DOCTOR Rand Paul get tested for Coronavirus without symptoms or known exposure despite millions in America unable to get tested, he then went on about his business -- to the gym, the pool and a luncheon causing a number of his colleagues to act like he should have and self-quarantine. Ironically, he was hanging out with Republicans and fewer and fewer coming to work cuts into McConnell's majority which is maybe one of the reasons he's having such a hard time giving Steve Mnuchin and Donald Trump a seret (until after the election) discretionary $500B slush fund to prop up big business. I wonder how much they promised him. So while we felt briefly bad about identifying with Paul's neighbor who beat him up and did cause Paul some real injuries, we are feeling significantly less bad now and still able to sleep at night.

He's always been kind of a dick. But he's got Big Dick energy now and not the good kind.

Kentucky sent us Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul... I know this is an unusual step, but is it maybe time to vote them out of the union? Now that Mitch has come back from his three day Kentucky celebration of the robed dude who assaulted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford he's ready to buckle down and deal with legislation to ease the impact of the Coronavirus on American families.

The potentially permed Paul allegedly trained as a doctor at some point in his life but instead of focusing on, you know, helping Americans who are suffering because we have an incompetent and information resistant president, he wanted to add an amendment that would terminate all American military involvement in Afghanistan. Because what we really need right now is a reminder of how ridiculously ineffective and dysfunctional our government has become because eating and paying rent is something most Americans can put off until Rand feels like his point has been sufficiently made.

"Ahead of the vote Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., blasted the Paul amendment as "a colossal waste of time.""

Was he talking about the amendment or Paul himself...? The way the quote is pulled, this is unclear. Chuck would not be wrong either way.

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