We didn’t deserve her.

It’s not her. Or her. Or her. It’s us.

It’s not her, it’s us. It’s Wednesday, the day after “Super” Tuesday and we have some thoughts. Once again women across the country wake up to disappointment and the realization that sexism and misogyny may have actually only grown in these fruited plains over the last three and a half years. Once again, the most qualified, accomplished, articulate, empathetic candidate (who, incidentally, outperformed the men with whom she shared the stage by a factor of ten) has been ignored, reviled and ultimately cast aside because she was too smart, too prepared, had plans and ways to realize them and one too many X chromosomes. We’re exhausted and so damn disappointed. Once again. 

This morning we woke up to pictures of women literally blocking and tackling to protect one of the geriatric white guys who is looking more and more like the candidate. We are left with a primary between two dudes, neither of whom, according to actuarial tables will likely finish a first term, fighting each other for the opportunity to then have another embarrassing septuagenarian cage match in hopes that a good one, a slinger of salty 1950s insults and gaffe machine or a finger-wagging scold with terrible hair somehow comes out on top and retires the festering malignancy currently occupying the Oval Office. 

I’d rather vote for the blocker and the tackler. That’s my kind of Sanders/Biden – Symone and Jill.

Maybe the best way to cure the savior complex is to write a different story. But that is one for another time, apparently. Four more years. Unless we have women on the undercard. And then if statistics are to be believed, we may get our first woman president by default. 

As for Elizabeth Warren, I’m just glad she can take a break from the selfie line. Even though deep down we know her immune system has had a plan to kick COVID-19’s ass for months now, she must be protected. She is a national treasure. 

So thank you educated, shrill, energetic, bossy, ambitious, strident, confident women – Elizabeth, Kamala, Amy, Kirsten – we still don’t deserve you. We’ll vote for a woman, someday. 

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