Harris, Kamala (Comma-la) Harris.

After what seems like decades in pandemic time the decision has been made and announced. Kamala (comma-la) Harris has been selected as Joe Biden’s running mate. And with the decision, Trump cries havoc and lets slip the dogs of racism and misogyny. (That’s funny, cause it indicates that he was holding back before. He wasn’t. Those dogs run his life.)

Reading through some of the first reactions from conservative publications is painful but illustrative. As is the case with anyone who lives, there are some bits of biography that may not be completely in line with the story we want to tell. This article in National Journal lists twenty things about Harris that are styled to make her offensive to thinking, reading conservatives. It includes things like taking on banks for predatory mortgage practices, advocating for immigrants rights, dating someone, getting a campaign donation from Steve Mnuchin and still voting against his confirmation and many other things that demonstrate that she is a policy person interesting in trying things to make the world better. Can you imagine having that in the executive branch? Eeeeek. But the best bit is the last thing you may not know about Kamala Harris.

The National Journal: 20 things you may not know about Kamala Harris

In April, Harris made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the hostess asked, “If you had to be stuck in an elevator with either President Trump, Mike Pence, or Jeff Sessions, who would it be?” Harris replied, “Does one of us have to come out alive?”

Fortunately we have at least a couple of women who have been on major party tickets in the past, and Sarah Palin, mavericky partial term governor of Alaska with extraordinary long range vision and a killer wardrobe has some thoughts. If the list doesn’t start with “Don’t go on the Masked Singer,” I am not sure how useful it is.

Palin’s Instagram Post

Okay, I don’t have much to say about Palin, but I do love the jacket she is wearing in this picture. $150k does go a long way toward a wardrobe revamp.

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A historic photo: @JoeBiden asking @KamalaHarris to join the ticket — taken just a few hours ago, from his home in Wilmington. Your next President and Vice President!! pic.twitter.com/vLNHxnvkb3

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Kamala Harris will run alongside Joe Biden as the first major-party Black Vice-Presidential candidate in American history. Revisit Dana Goodyear’s 2019 Profile of the former D.A. and junior senator from California.https://t.co/rg0Fit0Dtd

This is going to be something. I personally am most looking forward to the Veep debate if in fact it doesn’t get cancelled because Mother is uncomfortable with Mike debating a woman unchaperoned. Do you think they’d let Karen sit on the stage with him?

Bottom line, in the words of Megan Rapinoe: Let’s fucking go!

The Sideshow

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History in the making. @kamalaharris pic.twitter.com/NT2S8JifQw

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Kamala Harris will be campaigning from inside Donald Trump’s head. No word on what social distancing is like in there.

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The Federalist, a right-wing op-ed shop with an unmistakable pro-police editorial position, is currently trying to sell its supporters “Kamala Is A Cop” T-shirts pic.twitter.com/q3fH1kRKrQ

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Anti-Black racism is a thing among Non-Black people of color. https://t.co/fQhxwA6M0M

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oh liz your dad is darth vader. maybe sit this one out https://t.co/Nx1cbIQTSf

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